Project setup doesn't have to take days!

Zero Config Rails allows you to create new Rails applications in less than 30 minutes, fully automating all tedious gem configurations and initial setup.

Remember the time when starting a new Rails application was so much fun?

Every Gem was new and every configuration from that Gem you chose to add to your Rails application had some learning experiences and challenges.

Remember adding the Devise gem to the project for the first time?
Installing the gem, running its generators to add new tables, tweaking initializer with correct configurations, updating controllers, routes, models… So many steps but nevertheless it was truly very fun to work on all these and get a fully configured authentication system in few hours.

Good old days…

But over the years of starting a bunch of new projects, you must have probably also spent a lot of such hours and sometimes even days to have a fully configured application; installing and configuring same set of gems again, again and again. Boring, ain't it?

And probably a bit tiring too. The same thing that was exciting few years back has now turned into something you don't want to touch anymore; if you could. But still, that's not an option.

Imagine if you could…

Choose a set of gems from the Web UI that are common in most of your new Rails projects.

Get a bash script to execute in your CLI for automating gems you just chose.

Answer few questions regarding correct configurations for each gem.

And have a new Rails application, fully configured in minutes without you touching a single file!

All the while saving the pain of having to configure repetitive Gems setup or a lot of hours in maintaining your Rails starters and boilerplate projects.

Zero Config Rails helps you achieve just that in few easy steps

👩‍💻 Interactive UI to choose from predefined set of gems

  • Just choose whatever gems you want to configure inside your Rails application from the Web UI.
  • Once you are done, you will get a shell command to execute in your terminal.

⬛️ Interactive Bash Script to answer configuration related questions

  • Depending on gems you have chosen, there can be additional steps to perform or additional context for the application to know the exact configuration to add to your new Rails application.
  • Script will ask you few questions as required for each gem while you answer them one by one.

🪄 Sprinkle of some wizardly magic

  • Once you have answered all questions, Zero Config Rails will start performing some wizardly magic.
  • It will generate new Rails application, add all gems you have chosen previously, setup all boring stuffs and configurations without you having to touch any file.
  • This step can take some time depending on the number of gems you have chosen and number of files the Zero Config Rails has to make changes to.

🚀 Ready to Build in minutes

  • …And done!
  • Your fully configured Rails application is ready for development.
  • Run your server, open your application and start building!

Why not just use starter kits like Bullet Train or Jumpstart?

Please do!

If you are building a SaaS project I urge you to use starter kits and save a lot of pain. Bullet Train and Jumpstart are a wonderful solutions maintained by wonderful people and they are always kept up to date as well.

In fact, I am also using Bullet Train for building this application.

But if you are building a general project or maintaining a boilerplate starter projects that only has a set of Gem configurations then Zero Config Rails can help you save a lot.

Let's say you have to setup API only Rails application or normal full stack Rails application or maybe you want to spin up a new application for your side projects; in a real fast way without having to waste time on initial configurations.

That's the area Zero Config Rails really shines.

It will let you automate configurations of all Gems and save you days worth of time you would otherwise spend on setting up your project just to get it up and running before adding any new features.

📣Zero Config Rails is now in Beta Testing

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